• Rosamory

Zero Waste doesn't exist.

Let's be real. Shit happens. Literally. But realistically, we cannot live a totally zero waste life. But as trends and movements go, they need a catchy tagline that works as a hashtag. If we aim for zero, we will end up disappointed and feeling like a failure. Begin with an awareness and you're onto something. I am not and don't claim to be zero waste. I probably produce around half the waste than the average person and maybe 1000 times as much than Lauren Singer (the zero waste goddess over at I aspire to be able to fit 1 years waste into a mason jar, but that will take a lot more time and dedication as well as a significant amount of changes in my life. Changes I'm not only more than happy to make, but also excited to make! But it takes time. I didn't get to where I am now overnight. It's a journey of discovery and self education which can honestly sometimes feel like a very steep and lonely uphill battle. I have always been 'into' recycling shall we say. It became compulsory where I lived during my teenage years and as someone who loves organizing, I always enjoyed sorting and separating the recycling every week. Fast forward to university however and cleaning up after parties with a hangover where you have just spent the last 2 hours definitely not zero wasting from both ends....the party aftermath went into one and was never thought about again. Now I live alone and the only parties involve pj's, GoT and my two cats. I am now what you might say hyper-aware of the waste I create and I get pissed at how much 'unavoidable' waste I throw out. I say 'unavoidable' because of course it's avoidable but we still naturally prioritise convenience and cost over caring for the future of our planet. I live in a big city 6 mins walk from a being able to buy more or less everything in bulk and zero waste but I still feel that being 'zero waste' is


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